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7th-Aug-2014 02:37 am - The skin is warm and the hair is up
s ♦ blue whispers
Summer flew by! Kinda wish I had one more month. Didn't go to beach once. Maybe next summer, or next week; here in PR it's always summer. And because I didn't get any reading done the last two months yesterday I finally decided to start Pride & Prejudice. It really is a lovely book, so many sassy characters. Hehe.
31st-Jul-2014 02:35 pm - Summer TV: "The Divide"
m ♦ avengers ›› captain
As far as I'm concerned the best show this summer is The Divide on WeTV. It isn't mind blowing, but it's gripping and beautifully shot. Britne Oldford plays Jenny Butler, which was a nice surprise after ABC Family canceled Ravenswood (I insist that the show's main problem was making Miranda the lead character; not only did the girl die in the Pilot she was mega dull and never had much chemistry with Caleb who, let's face it, is meant for Hanna).

The last episode of The Divide left me heartbroken so we'll see how the rest of the series goes. Right now I'm just sad for Jenny, Terri (that family blow up was so real and frightening) and our no longer fierce prosecutor Page. Christina possibly failing the bar was so bleak. Get it together girl!
10th-Jul-2014 01:39 pm - "Extant" Series Premiere
m ♦ johnny mnemonic ›› uploading stuff
Extant 1x01
It's a Summer show! I loved it. The Pilot even managed to freak me out during the dead husband visitation/hallucination sequence. I'm looking forward to the next episode. If nothing else, it's leagues better than the silliness that turned out to be Under the Dome. Ok, that comparison may not even fair because the Extant Pilot was pretty decent IMO.

Murder in the First
Not great, definitely not great, but it's entertaining.

The Wire 3x09, "Slapstick"
This show proved elusive for a long time. It wasn't until I signed up for HBO Go that I was able to resume watching it (now it's on Amazon Prime as well, heh). THIS SHOW. This show has bewildered me, angered me, and it has made me cry. It has also broken my heart; this episode was one of those times. Oh Prez. :( You were so happy investigating and doing your Sherlock Holmes thing. Whyyyyyyy?
17th-Jun-2014 02:55 am - 'Pacific Rim'
t ♦ power rangers ›› original 5
Very cool and infuriatingly predictable. Who didn't know character B would die ten minutes in as soon as he was introduced, or that the system would fail at the last minute causing characters X and Z to sacrifice themselves? 90% of Pacific Rim is basically every alien movie ever. I still liked it, though. Mako (Rinko Kikuchi) was pretty great and Charlie Hunnam was simply wonderful in this, so charming. The last five minutes were adorable. Idris Elba was awesome as the stoic Stacker Pentecost.

For me the most effective sequence was hands down Mako's memory/flashback. That little girl was fantastic; I was terrified for her. The moment Stacker comes out of his Jaeger and her face lights up with hope and relief nearly killed me. What a lovely thing after such a scary sequence! Like I don't care how derivative the movie is, if a child is crying out for her/his parents while a huge monster chases after her/him, I will lose it.

I need icons.
12th-Jun-2014 05:09 pm - The Black Parade (GOT 4x09)
t ♦ game of thrones ›› jon snow
My old DVR is done. I lost a ton of Orphan Black episodes (so far I'm liking S2 more than I liked S1); all the 24 episodes that aired so far; 90% of Raising Hope's final season; and the Suburgatory series finale, which I'd already seen, at least (still can't believe ABC canceled Subugartory!). Crossbones' second episode disappeared as well. The truth is I've been watching less TV. I dropped Hannibal halfway through S2 and I no longer agonize over catching up when I fall behind, so I'm good. New box is smaller, which is a plus.

Game of Thrones 4x09, "The Watchers on the Wall"
Jon Snow's big moment has finally arrived. I loved everything about the episode, especially Sam's heroics, Jon's leadership and fighting skills, and Ghost's shining moment. SpoilersCollapse )
4th-Jun-2014 05:05 pm - I don't remember much
t ♦ x-men ›› gambit
Game of Thrones 4x08, "The Mountain and the Viper"
Heh... Par for the course. Sansa's storyline seems rushed, right?

Gang Related
So predictable. Decent cast though.

The Night Shift
Freddy Rodriguez deserves a better role on a better show. The Pilot was OK.
3rd-May-2014 09:26 pm - The Illusion of Power (Scandal 3x18)
m ♦ winter soldier ›› peggy
When Live Another Day (premiering May 5th) was announced I got really excited, which was weird since I'd never seen a single 24 episode. So here I am, watching 24 for the first time ever. The show has its moments, and it certainly has Kiefer Sutherland/Jack Bauer, but it's still ludicrous and nonsensical, which means I like it for the most part. (Oh and Tony! I love Tony very much.) Since it is mathematically and physically impossible to finish all 160+ episode by Monday, I'll DVR the new season until I somehow make my way through the remaining six seasons or simply give up and enjoy the revival on its own.

S1 was kind of strange in the sense that all the major female characters were either unlikable or downright villainous. Speaking of which, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to forgive Sherry for her S1 shadiness, but I don't trust her one bit. I wish Palmer had more to do than pace around looking dignified while everyone around him manipulates him in some way. Oh and how I hate that Mason is dying!

Scandal 3x18, "The Price of Free and Fair Elections"
This season sure was a mess, but the finale was alright IMO. Kinda obvious that Papa Pope was pulling the strings; the man sure likes being in charge. I'm not sure how Olivia being the daughter of power hungry murderers translates to her being "the scandal" though. It must feel that way to her, seeing as she's at the center of every personal and political cataclysm happening to everyone she knows, but her own participation in this particular season's calamities has been minimal, plus there is every indication her parents were pretty much the ask questions later types before she was even born. Sure Maya, Rowan and Fitz sometimes make decisions based on their relationship with Olivia, but mostly they're dominated by their own pursuit of power and influence, and in Maya's case symbolic destruction. They all may love Olivia, perhaps she's the one person they all love most in the world (with the exception of his children, in Fitz's case), but unless there is something we've yet to find out, that love is not the driving force behind their actions, Rowan's "My daughter wanted him to president, and he is" aside. (Not to mention the nefarious Cyrus, who acts motivated exclusively by his own self-interest.) At the end of day Rowan loves and seeks power, so does Maya, and so does Fitz. It just so happens that the most visible leader is also the least powerful and the most vulnerable, because unlike Command, it is essential Fitz keeps up appearances, which is probably why Mellie is still in the picture in terms of role as First Lady.

!Collapse )
15th-Apr-2014 12:42 am - "Bates Motel"
t ♦ game of thrones ›› bran
Bates Motel 2x07, "Presumed Innocent"

Well, Norman's transformation has officially begun, and it is super creepy. I'm fascinated by the way Norma alternates between protective and terrified. Curiously, Romero has softened up a lot toward the Bates family. I don't think he bought Norman's story, at least I believe he suspected there was more to it than Norman's self-defense version, but at the same time he seemed extremely apologetic about holding Norman and doing his job, more for Norma than Norman, but still. Interesting. (Oh and Norman either it was self-defense or it was an accident. Can't be both.)

For someone who cares about Norman Cody sure didn't think twice about how all that information about the blackouts might affect a kid who is clearly unstable. Loved Emma trying to rally Dylan (I just love Emma in general), but the man had a point. Not that I agree with him ignoring his family in a time of need, but what happened between him and Norma was painful. It needs time.

Game of Thrones 4x02, "The Lion and the Rose"
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The Walking Dead 4x16, "A"
There is something unspeakably horrifying about watching a kid being abused in any way. I'll freely admit it's one of those things that will keep me up at night every once in a while, especially if there's been something about it on the news. Anyway, watching the scene with the man grabbing Carl and pushing him down was beyond awful. The absolute panic on Rick and Michonne's face was so real I started panicking. Needless to say, I was relieved when it was over and Carl was able to come out relatively unharmed. The psychological damage was unavoidable, though, and since Carl is already troubled in many ways, the show will have plenty to explore, starting with Carl and Rick's broken relationship. There is no overstating what a saving grace Michonne has been for both Carl and Rick and their father-son bond, like there is no telling where and what those two would be right now without her stabilizing, strong presence, just as there's no telling what would have become of Michonne had she not developed such a deep bond with the Grimes.

Daryl is finally back with his people! There isn't a whole lot to say about Terminus, other than "Eww, gross!" And while Rick's last line came off as rather silly considering he'd just been forced into a train car like cattle, I cannot wait to see him make good on that promise. There is much to look forward to. I simply wish the show would speed things up a little every once in a while.

Scandal 3x17, "Flesh and Blood"
Cyrus, you monster.

Look, I feel terrible for Mellie, but she needs to confide in someone before she has some sort of breakdown. Fitz doesn't know a thing, and while his father's sins are not his, it's his turn to shoulder some of the weight, he owes her that much. Besides, it's time someone tells Fitzgerald Grant the truth. Sure he's an overgrown kid at this point, but it isn't his fault people sacrifice their careers, lives and mental health to further his career only to later resent him for it. At the end of the day Fitz is everyone's figurehead, their white man Trojan horse into the halls of power; they need him to be charismatic, entitled and not so bright, all the easier to manipulate. Olivia's problem is that she loves him. She believes in him. She's in it for him, which leaves her vulnerable; whether she likes it or not, Fitz uses her affection against her, the same way Cyrus, Mellie and even Papa Pope use her to keep Fitz in check, happy, complacent, distracted. She's the bait, and nothing else. That's her role in the completely messed up Scandal universe. She's good at her job, Olivia is; unwittingly, her competence may be the only thing keeping Fitz trapped in the oval office, and she with him. Olivia won't consider that believing Fitz can be a great American president (and man) is unrelated to the actual job of being president, mostly because Fitz hardly has a say in anything. He's an appeaser, an idea. Why would she risk so much for so little?

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Game of Thrones 4x01, "Two Swords"
Once again Arya is the best part of an episode. Also, The Hound is a riot. Who knew? Tywin is Tywin, Joffrey is still mean, Cersei is drunk, Tyrion is tired, and Jaime is fed up with everyone calling him a has been. New Daario Naharis is Sonny from Treme. Heh. Good episode.
29th-Mar-2014 02:07 am - I'd like to stop then, okay?
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Scandal 3x15, "Mama Said Knock You Out"

Scandal is being awfully cruel to its leading lady. After hammering us over the head with how brilliant, awesome and cutthroat Olivia Pope is, the show has taken great pains to break her down and effectively neutralize all those qualities while everyone around her takes turns demoralizing and disrespecting her. But why? Now, on top of everything we find out she's a mere rebound, a shaky number two, or three, four, who knows. Where is the show going with this? Not Olivia/Fitz -- Olivia. How will the show rehabilitate Olivia Pope? They better, because at the moment she doesn't exist outside of Fitz. Olivia needs to spend some time with Lagertha from Vikings.

As for the unhappy lovers, I don't know how the myth of Olivia and Fitz survives this episode. It's always been wrong, okay, it's never been very romantic at all, but if you believed they were really in love then you could at least understand the agony, resentment, the terrible, terrible mistakes they both made, their inability to break it off even when they were only hurting each other and sabotaging each others' lives, risking their careers and their respective leadership positions for nothing at all, because they weren't ever really together. But now? It doesn't make any sense for Olivia to stick around.

The season began with Papa Pope's warning to Olivia, twice as good to get half as much; in "A Door Marked Exit" we got the super intense showdown between Fitz and Papa Pope, with Pope reminding Fitz that he's a boy and Fitz using his affair with Olivia to rattle Dad, only for Dad to hit back with his interpretation of the affair: Fitz doesn't love her like he says he does, Olivia is a door marked exit; and last night Mama Pope told Olivia she was "the help." Moments later Fitz inadvertently, brutally and unambiguously confirms Olivia's biggest fears. "I'm talking to my WIFE!" Ouch. (The show's silent commentary on race is deafening. It's a recurring theme; certain phrases, a code, euphemisms, that the show never really explains, but constantly brings up.)

Anyway, the scene in last week's episode between Olivia and Papa Pope reminded of Giles and Buffy's conversation in "Lie to Me." It's about time Olivia learns the lesson: in the end, the Slayer is always alone.

Buffy: Nothing's ever simple anymore. I'm constantly trying to work it out. Who to love or hate. Who to trust. It's just, like, the more I know, the more confused I get.

Giles: I believe that's called growing up.

Buffy: I'd like to stop then, okay?

rest of the dialogCollapse )
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