Yay for Glee icons :D ♥ I love this show!!

And I love your new layout! so lovely ♥ awwww Deeeean!! *LOL*
Glee is so awesome!! :D

Thanks, Sam! I always wanted a Rory/Dean header - had to look for a layout that allowed it. Hee! I'm so glad you like it! ♥! Heeee, Dean! *sigh*
Howdy! These icons are adorable, and I worship at the shrine of your new header!!! :D It rocks so hard it should have its own musical genre!!! The photo itself with that long perspective and all that blazing eye contact? I just may faint!! Hee!!!

Also, I didn't have any idea that Glee had so much yummy smoochies going on. With my kissing fetish I would have made more of an effort to get on board at the beginning. Which pretty boy is your new TV crush, my sweet? ((HUGS)) <333
Thanks, C!!! :D Yay! That scene owns me. Like you mentioned, the eye contact and the tension of it all kills me every time. *sigh* So glad you liked it!

Hahaa! Oh, and they have way more than these, too. Totally not goading you into watching... *shifty eyes* lol But yeah, it's a pretty loving show. Hee. Everyone mooning after everyone else. Dude on the shower! He's the cutest thing ever. He's a Jordan Catalano type in the sense that he's not smart (his 'stupidity' is one of the charms lol), but he's very perceptive and so lovely. He's sweeter than Jordan, though. Jordan was rough, Finn is incredibly nice. All the boys are great; but Finn is 6'3, and you know how *that* goes. ;)
Okay, the character name is Finn then? That name has positive associations for me from being the last name of two of the original members (the brothers Neil and Tim Finn) of Crowded House, which is one of my all-time favorite bands! I can't tell very much about the hotness factor from the shower icons since by definition icons are small and from not having seen the scene full-size on TV (although the being all wet and theoretically naked in the shower can only be a good thing) and since he's making cute faces, but is that him in the football jersey with the number "5" on it too? *mmmmmm athletic and manly* I'll just have to go find more pics on IMDB or something to get a good gander at him. Oh yes! We do have a thing for the tall ones, don't we? Hee!Hee! *hugs*
It is! :D Oh, good to know! Heee. Yup, he plays the QB of the show. They all look amazing in their football uniforms. *sigh* Even the girls. Hee. They had this musical sequence where the girls wore football gear. Bwah! I know. Can't help it it seems. *grins*
GLEE! I love these icons and I'm borrowing 18 and 32. Hope that's OK, I promise to credit you!

Puck is my hero. Even if he is a badass jerk and probably the world's worst boyfriend.
Glee♥ Absolutely, go ahead! Glad you liked them.

Heeee! IA. Puck is great and getting better. He's so sweet to Quinn and was good to Rachel during their one episode relationship, so there's definite hope for Puck! I love his character.
omg thanks Nikki, they're gorgeous. I love this show!
snagging some Finn/Rachel